Our classic series. Available from 8 - 150Nm for all axes from 40mm.

All motors with continous overheating protection.

ABS (Anti-Blocking System): prevents damage to the shutter if, while being let down, it sticks or comes up against an obstacle. The ABS drive wheel disengages, the rollshutter is no longer driven, the shutter is prevented from rolling up the other way.

S-ABS (Soft-) motor

... with additional advantages:

Electro-mechanic switch-off for greatest operational safety.

Soft-stop for gentle stopping at the upper end point, no readjusting for different shutter angles.

S-ABS = Soft stop: if the shutter meets an obstacle while being let down the S -ABS system will, likewise, reliably protect it against damage, but in a different way: it does not disengage, but the motor is immediately switched off electrically.