SIRALHome transforms your home into a SmartHome

Connect your home or office to the SIRALHome hub with a single switch, no expensive cabling needed. Transform all your radio-controlled SIRAL roller shutters, blinds, awnings, garage, lighting etc. quickly and easily into a centrally-operated Smart Home: Your personal Smartphone or Tablet.

Control additional radio and IR devices such as smoke alarm, window contacts, motion sensors, indoor alarms, TV, hifi, lights, heating and lots more via SIRALHome with automatically-activated radio control.

And the most important thing: It couldn't be easier to set up.

You can configure and manage the system with the completely intuitive SIRALHome app on your Android or iOS appliance. Once set up, it's ready for use straight away.

Create automated functions to suit your lifestyle with the help of motion detectors and sensors and make use of one-touch scenarios, time, (Astro) COSMO & event management control.

You can also use the message function to receive notifications via email.

Democonfiguration for testing

Simply download our free SIRALHome app from the PlayStore for Android device or from the AppleStore for your iOS device.

A demo version is available immediately. Even without a gateway ou can also load a configuration in order to see how it works and thus teach in simulated devices. Here you always get the most current overview over the comaptibility list.


Access data for the configuration:

Configuration:    SIRALHome Demo
Password:             siralhome demo