SIRALHome and SIRAL Works With Mediola


Connect your home or office to the SIRALHome hub with a single switch, no expensive cabling needed. Transform all your radio-controlled SIRAL roller shutters, blinds, awnings, garage, lighting etc. quickly and easily into a centrally-operated Smart Home: Your personal Smartphone or Tablet.

Control additional radio and IR devices such as smoke alarm, window contacts, motion sensors, indoor alarms, TV, hifi, lights, heating and lots more via SIRALHome with automatically-activated radio control.

Therfor the SIRALHome app for V2 and V4 gateways is available (see graphic).

Since October 1st, 2020, this will only be possible for new installations through SIRAL Works With Mediola.  In this way it gives you the great advantage of even more extensive access to integrated third-party products.

SIRAL Works With Mediola

Now you have the possibility to use SIRAL Works With Mediola. This means you can integrate all SIRAL radio receivers directly into the IQONTROL or IQONTROLNEO app. The original apps from the manufacturer of the SIRALHome app. The big advantage for you: in addition to a much larger number of third-party products to integrate, you also have the option of voice control via Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.