Protection with SIRAL technology

Well-established, patented mechanical engineering coupled with state-of-the-art IT technology from SIRAL.

The longer and louder an attempted break-in, the sooner the burglar is stopped in his tracks. In the case of roller shutters the most effective method is the spring blocking unit  for mini and newly installed roller shutters. The unit is available for a wide range of shaft types. This is the first major barrier in the way of a burglar, even before he reaches a window or patio door.

Link this proven technology with the SIRALHome controller and you have both active and passive property monitoring. In the worst case, however, if the burglar has managed to overcome all the hurdles, you can still stay a step ahead with SIRALHome! Choose from a range of camera types for visual control: from a simple b/w indoor camera to swivel-mounted outdoor cameras with night vision and colour, all of which can be integrated into the SIRAL app (WLAN or VPN).

You can also link window and door contacts and indoor/outdoor motion sensors into SIRALHome to create sensor-based routines or "Tasks". Once created, a task is simply activated or deactivated with a green tick button. Now, as soon as one of the contacts or sensors is triggered, the task-linked roller shutters close.

Even if you are not there, you can still respond immediately. You can assign to the task different email addresses to which an alert, in your words, can be sent by email in the case of an attempted break-in. There is therefore nothing in the way of immediately alerting the police.

And that's it. It is really that easy. Not just the operation of SIRALHome, but also the installation and practically unlimited expansion of the desired functions. Here is what makes SIRALHome unique: It is an innovative, intuitive control system which can be set up, changed and expanded with the minimum of knowledge.

No matter how many devices need to be controlled, or however many smartphones or tablets need to access the app – over WLAN or externally via the internet – Android or iOS – it works. With no monthly fees or additional contract.

Lösungen bei mechanischer Rollladenbedienung

Eine altbewährte mechanische Lösung für Gurtbetriebene Rollläden ist die SIRAL Klemmsicherung. Sogar, wenn das Fenster und die Lichtschlitze wegen der besseren Raumlüftung geöffnet bleiben sollen, bieten Ihnen die Klemmsicherungen ein Einbruchhemmnis! Die Sperrkraft ist enorm. Je mehr Kraft der Einbrecher aufwendet, desto mehr verkrallen sich die messerscharfen Zähne der Sicherungsarme!