eine weitere Hausautomation für SIRAL-Funk:

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Highly flexible into the future of roller shutter technology

You need components in small and medium series or just prototypes?

Tool costs and development take too long time for you?

We offer OEM articles in LaserCut with bending technology as an extension of our present product range. As a further option, connected module assemblies are possible.




Connection bracket

for star brackets

This adapter is suitable for all ABS, EL1, EL4, EL1F and EL4F motors of series 50 from 8Nm to 40Nm and all EL4 and EL4F motors of the series 40 with 9Nm and 12Nm.

The adapter is accompanied by the appropriate screws for fastening the adapter to the motor head.

With this adapter, mentioned SIRAL motors can be mounted in the most common star adapters of other manufacturers.

Item number: 57033