Electronic controls

General differences

We differentiate between controllers using fixed cabling and controllers that work on the basis of radio signals.

    Disadvantages of control via fixed wiring:

    • inflexible for later changes or extensions
    • increased installation effort


    • less prone to interferences

      Disadvantage of radio control:

      • more prone to interferences due to external influences


      • less installation effort
      • more flexible for later changes and extensions

      Fixed wired controls

      On the one hand, it is possible to operate each engine individually via a manual switch or timer.

      For automated control, time switches with a wide range of functions, garage door control and awning control are available.

      On the other hand, it is possible to control one or more motors in individual or in group operation with manual switches or timers by use of various relays (multi-point control relays, T1, T1D, T2A, T2D and SM66).

      A very convenient variant of this is the electronic control Mini 66 (SM66). The single SM66 is controlled by a potential-free stranded wire. The ring lines among each other for group formation and central command are also potential-free.

      Advantages of SM66 :

      • Usual rocker switch momentary can be used.
      • Easy to use:
        • Pressing on pushbutton about 1 sec . = Engine running
        • Short press in opposite direction = Engine stops
        • Long pressure in the opposite direction = Engine is running in the opposite direction.
        • With prolonged pressure on the individual control (approx. 5 seconds), all roller shutters run along, as with central operation.
      • Pulse output, i.e. if the roller shutter is jammed and does not reach its final position, the control switches goes off after 1 1⁄2 minutes.
      • Transformer in each SM66. Thus only approx. 12 V at the control line.

      Radio control

      Radio control means on the one hand radio receivers and on the other hand transmitters and sensors for control.

      These systems can be updated very easily in existing motorized systems for manual control as well as in the case of a general modernization of a roller shutter. On request, up to smart control via app.

      There are radio receivers...

      • integrated in motor typ EL4F or EL1F or
      • as external radio receiver for...
        • rolling shutters (SF19 or SF55T)
        • blinds (SF19J)
        • awnings and sun awnings (SF19, SF55T, SF55M)
        • for switching devices with ON-OFF function SF55L
        • The SF55 series is intended for installation in flush-boxes with push-button input.

      A large number of transmitters, from 1-channel handheld transmitters for toggle control, to 2-channel and multi-channel transmitters for single, group and central control, to 100-channel display handheld transmitters with USB interface.

      In addition, sun sensors and sun-wind sensors are available.

      Parallel to this, home control for operating your radio system is possible (see home control).