Wiring examples for radio controls

Take a look at these connection examples for radio controls.

As well as simple hand-held transmitters the SIRAL radio system includes hand-held transmitters with up to 50 coding pairs and timer functions, wall-mounted transmitters, sun/twilight and wind sensors and SIRALHome as home automation system.

Our receivers are tube motors with integrated radio receivers and external radio receivers with and without push button input for roller shutters, blinds, awnings, gen. shading systems, garage doors and lights.

The SIRAL radio system has practically unlimited expansion capacity. The SIRALHome app can be used as a controller as well as the standard transmitters.

Primus F

intelligent switch

with integrated receiver


daily and weekly schedules

with integrated receiver

SF 19

small in size, great in performance

many more external receivers for roller shutters, venetian blinds, awnings, light etc. can be found in catalogue


tube motor with integrated receiver

direct connection to 230