Strapguides and cordguides („kingtype“ with needlebearing) for Mini- and Standard-shutters

Use for heavier shutters the „kingguide” (steel roller with needlebearing)


  • Friction reduction
  • Draftfree with woolpile
  • Easier installation
  • Longlife easy operation guarantee
  • Neat design
  • Universal usability

Abb. 1 without needlebearing = high friction          Abb. 2 with needlebearing = little friction


Strap diversions with rollers with needlebearing

no box extension

  • no outside pulley
  • no dirt (no big drill hole necessary)
  • cast does not break
  • low power requirement caused by diversions with needlebearing and bigger pulley
  • universal distance of diversion
  • easy installation

Important for the installation: max. strap load 150 N, please use only flexible Polystrap up to 16 mm wide and 1,2 mm to 1,4 mm thick.