Here you will find a complete overview over of the SIRAL motors

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We produce tube motors with torques of 8Nm to 150Nm.

Please write us an email with any questions about custom motors or OEM versions.

The technical design, the quality:


single-phase alternating current asynchronous motor, maintenance-free, lubricated for life. H-class insulation, short-time service 4 minutes.

Full winding capacity

... in all directions, because our motors are not supplied with a fixed central position.

Continuous overheating protection:

prevents the motor from switching on back itself after reaching a temperature of 140°C.


of course a spring closed disk brake, with which the brake force always remains constant regardless of temperature and load.


a 3 stage planetary gearing turns rotary movement into power - naturally lubricated for life, maintenance-free and extremely low-noise.