EL4 motor with electronic cut-off up to 75Nm:

Protects the shutters both in the DOWNward direction as well as when retracting, because the smart electronic device senses the expenditure of energy and stops reliably should there be a sudden deviation from it.

Limit switching: Adjustment via the motor cable using the test cable. Despite minimal space in the shutterbox, adjustment is nevertheless extremely easy.

Choose from 4 different switching modes depending on the intended use. This means that intermediate positions can be programmed or torque cut-off can be used in one and the same motor. For torque cut-off of course you need fixed shaft connectors or stoppers.

If set to torque cut-off, the motor re-regulates this point and stops with appropriate force.

Plug & Play-Version, see motor type EL1.

With integrated radio, see EL4F.


EL4 40/09, EL4 40/12

EL4 50/08, EL4 50/12, EL4 50/20, EL4 50/30, EL4 50/40

EL4 60/55, EL4 60/75