EL4F motor with electronic cut-off up to 75Nm:

Same as the EL4 motor in working principle. Operation and end position adjustment is carried out however via transmitter. Can be actuated with any number of SIRAL transmitters, sensors or the SIRALHome app.

Protects the shutters both in the DOWNward direction as well as when retracting, because the smart electronic device senses the expenditure of energy and stops reliably should there be a sudden deviation from it.

Limit switching: Adjustment via hand-held transmitter or master transmitter. Despite minimal space in the shutterbox, adjustment is nevertheless extremely easy.

Choose from 4 different switching modes depending on the intended use. This means that intermediate positions can be programmed or torque cut-off can be used in one and the same motor. For torque cut-off of course you need fixed shaft connectors or stoppers.

If set to torque cut-off, the motor re-regulates this point and stops with appropriate force.

Plug & Play-Version, see motor type EL1F.


EL4F 40/09, EL4F 40/12

EL4F 50/08, EL4F 50/12, EL4F 50/20, EL4F 50/30, EL4F 50/40

EL4F 60/55, EL4F 60/75