NHK motors are designed on the basis of the ABS motor with the possibility of moving the shutter shaft via a crank on the motor head in the event of a power failure, without the end positions of the motor being adjusted. Particularly useful in the area of escape routes, where battery-powered solutions are not permitted, for garage door operators or awnings.

ABS (Anti-Blocking System):  prevents damage to the shutter if, while being let down, it sticks or comes up against an obstacle. The ABS drive wheel disengages, the rollshutter is no longer driven, the shutter is prevented from rolling up the other way.

For all tubes from 40mm, all with continuous overheating protection.

Newton metre from 8Nm up to 150Nm.


ABS 50/08 NHK, ABS 50/12 NHK, ABS 50/20 NHK, ABS 50/30 NHK, ABS 50/40 NHK

ABS 60/55 NHK, ABS 60/75 NHK

ABS 80/120 NHK, ABS 80/150 NHK