EL1 motor Plug & Play motor with electronic cut-off up to 75Nm:

Same as the EL4 motor in working principle but only with torque cut-off adjustment at the end positions. In this case, stoppers and fixed shaft connectors have to be used.

Protects the shutters both in the DOWNward direction as well as when retracting, because the smart electronic device senses the expenditure of energy and stops reliably should there be a sudden deviation from it.

Limit switching: Adjustment via the motor cable using the test cable. Despite minimal space in the shutterbox, adjustment is nevertheless extremely easy.

If set to torque cut-off, the motor re-regulates this point and stops with appropriate force.

With integrated radio, see EL4F.


EL1 40/09, EL1 40/12

EL1 50/08, EL1 50/12, EL1 50/20, EL1 50/30, EL1 50/40

EL1 60/55, EL1 60/75