Happy holidays

We all need a little relaxation now and again...


So the time has come for us...

...to take it easy for a while


1st August 2022


12th August 2022


last day of distribution: 28th July 2022

Time to get away from it all, to think about other things than the usual daily hectic and to "recharge our batteries"

Hopefully, you are doing the same, too?!

We already have perfect holiday weather, which we hope will continue for another few weeks when you take your break and during the weeks above for us as well.

Then we will go on together and tackle the second half of the year!

But the next weeks we are still here - is there anything you need before we go?  Then please order now to give us time to process your order.

And of course our "Emergency Service" is there for you in case you need anything at short notice while we are away!

The SIRAL Team would like to wish you and your family a pleasant and relaxing holiday!