Electronic controls 12V

12V motors are actuated with the E-Port. They act as switch, power source and, if required, radio receiver in one.

With SIRAL radio, all SIRAL transmitters and sensors are compatible with the radio E-Port. The COSMO WS radio timer can wake up the E-Port at a preset switching time, even from sleep mode.

A fully charged battery lasts for approx. 80 cycles or 2-3 weeks. This is reduced with the use of sensors.

The solar panels are designed to augment the charging process. Solar powered operation is not available in our latitudes and depends very heavily on local circumstances, orientation and light conditions.

The E-Port can be charged with a charging cable from the plug socket. If the solar panel is connected, you need to remove the E-Port from the wall bracket to do this. It is not possible to overload the Li-ion battery. The electronics of the E-Port monitor the battery, the electronics and the motor.