Automatic locking device                  Insulation against cold and noise

The shutter is suspended with SIRAL-safety and insulations springs (not with straps)

The springs push the shutter to rear side of the box and close the gap.
Insulation against cold and noise


If lifted from outside the shutter blocks in the locking hooks.

Springs K

pulvercoated abarasion-safe (to mark K when ordering).

Important for installation

The spring tension holds the shutter in vertical position, therefor the shutter locks at the upper corner. The tension has to be stronger than the force of the strap coiler.
This is accomplished by the right type and number of springs.

recomendation: every 30 cm = 1 spring





The shutter should reach about 20 mm
beneath the upper box corner.





With lager boxes, locking

hooks no. 4316 can be

installed in the dead angle

to the rear panel.







screws or

rivets as stops.