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These bearings are only designed for the 40 and 50 S-ABS (soft) motors and are used primarily for cover caps.

You can find more bearings for 40 and 50 S-ABS-(Soft) motors at "Motor bearings for squareshaft mounting". Please note that the squareshaft for 40 and 50 S-ABS (soft) motors has the product code 57002.

These bearings are specially designed for the motor heads of the NHK motors and, in the case of corresponding series, as required for higher powers.


These bearings are usually used in lintel boxes.

Please note that ABS motors serie 40 and S-ABS motors serie 40 & 50 require squareshaft art. 57002. Otherwise, use squareshaft art. 57019.

It is worth pointing out the sound-damping bearings which reduce the transmission of sound from the shaft to the brickwork. These bearings are only suited for the 40 and 50 series however.

Please refer to the catalogue descriptions.

These more stable bearings can only be used for 60 series motors.


These bearings are specifically designed for the engine heads of NHK engines and, if necessary, designed for the higher forces of the corresponding series.